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The fiesta calendar is Teulada-Moraira is marked by seven major celebrations interspersed by many more minor but no less important feasts in honour of saints and traditional identities.

LOS REYES MAGOS (THE THREE KINGS) – the end of Christmas celebrations, the evening of January 5th sees the three kings of the East – Gaspar, Baltasar, and Melchior – arrive on the Ampola beach and make their way through the streets in a noisy colourful parade to a special stage where they dish out presents to excited children.

SAN VICENTE FERRER (PATRON OF TEULADA) – held in April to honour St. Vicente Ferrer who was born and lived in the town, it is a fiesta that is very traditional with a famous running with the bulls event sweeping through the streets of Teulada, float processions, live music and dancing, fireworks and sporting events. (2104: April 23rd to May 4th).

MOORS AND CHRISTIANS (NOISE AND COLOUR) – the second major fiesta in town takes place in late June and remembers the time of the Muslims in Spain and the daily struggle against Barbary pirates. The week is filled with the noise of battle and the colour of fantastic costumes as the Moors and Christians do battle once again for control of Moraira. (2014: June 9th – 15th).

FIESTAS OF FONT SANTA  - at the beginning of July at the chapel of the same name located between Teulada and Moraira, a small fountain marks the spot where, according to legend, St Vicente Ferrer, tired and thirsty, hit a rock with his stick and water began to trickle out of it – and still does today. Running with the bulls, live music and community dinner honour the act. (2014: July 4th - 9th).

VIRGÉN DE LOS DESAMPARADOS (PATRON OF MORAIRA) – the patron saint of Moraira – her name means “Lady of the Helpless” – is honoured in the main fiesta of the year in mid-July, ten days of celebrations marked with colourful parades, live music and running with the bulls in the marina. On July 16th, the statue of Virgén del Carmen, protector of fishermen, is paraded through the village before being carried out to sea by boat to bless the very people she protects. (2014: July 10th – 20th).

 SANTS DE LA PEDRA (TRADITION AND CULTURE) – taking place in Teulada at the end of July / beginning of August, these celebrations are very traditional in nature with music and games, running with the bulls and community dinners. A giant arch of plants – the traditional “Arc dels Sants de la Pedra” which means the “arch of the saints of the stone” – is raised around the niche. (2014: July 25th – September 1st).

FIESTA DE MOSCATEL (CELEBRATING SWEET WINE) – at the end of August, a special fiesta honours the local moscatel grape which is used to make the Mistela, a fortified sweet wine that is made in the area. Amongst many traditional events, there is chance to watch a demonstration of wine-making with plenty to sample afterwards.

Watch out also for the FIESTA OF SAN BLAS at the beginning of February which is marked with a unique cake called “La Dama” which is baked in the shape of a woman; CARNAVAL in February / March which marks the start of the Lent period, a raucous night of fancy dress and disguise; the the FIESTA DIVINA PASTORA in September which the “Divine Shepherdess” with community dinners and traditional music and dance; the FESTIVAL OF SANTA CECILIA in November, the patron saint of musicians honoured with a series of concerts; and in late November the FIESTA SANTA CATALINA MARTIR, honouring the patron saint of the church of Santa Catalina, the ancient church of Teulada.